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I Come to You!

You provide the location.
(Your home, driveway, yard, park or other venue)

I provide the Zumba® music, dance moves, fitness instruction and joy!


Here's what some of our happy clients had to say . . .

Jon Lange, CEO, Glacial Community YMCA Association  "Sarah has been an amazing instructor in both our YMCA's in Oconomowoc and Watertown. She's energetic, playful and always smiling (on top of giving everyone a great workout). Sarah is versatile and teaches all ages with joy!"

Rita F.   "I love her Zumba Classes. She makes them so much fun."

K. Koerber-Block   "I have attended weekly exercise classes with Sarah for several years. She is an enthusiastic instructor who makes exercise fun. At the same time she takes care to make sure everyone works safely at their own level of fitness ability. Her classes are effective, fun and safe."

Beth Hansing   "Sarah's classes are a great workout and A LOT of fun!!! Her enthusiasm is infectious!!!!"

Frankie Marie   "I love Sarah's Zumba® classes on Tue and Fri at the Watertown Y. She makes it so much fun."

Margaret Willms   "Sarah is so personable. She has unlimited energy and enthusiasm!"

Clayton F.   "Sarah is friendly and energetic. She is a super nice and passionate instructor."

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