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I Come to You!

You provide the location.
(Your home, driveway, yard, park or other venue)

I provide the Zumba® music, dance moves, fitness instruction and joy!

Covid-19 Safety Measures


Sarah Zarling

Zumba® Fitness Instructor

Your Safety is Always My First Concern and Priority

If you have any health concerns and would like me to wear a mask during any of our dance or fitness instructions sessions, please let me know. I will do everything I can to accommodate your needs. Thank you. -- Sarah Zarling


Our Original Covid-19 Safety Guidelines at the Height of the Covid-19 Pandemic Are Below

My first concern and priority is your safety. Here are the Covid-19 safety measures we are taking to keep you and your guests safe.

  • Maximum class sizes: Group gatherings must be within your city/town guidelines. E.g. if the maximum gathering size is 10, you would be able to have 9 attendees, plus me. This is strictly adhered to.

  • Social distancing: Class attendees are highly encouraged to keep a safe distance, at least six feet apart or more.

  • Outdoor parties encouraged: While I will conduct indoor Zumba® parties if there is enough space to social distance, an outdoor class/party is strongly encouraged. 

  • All activities/games will be no-touch: To stop the spread of germs, all activities and games that I conduct will be no-touch.

  • Your safety is my priority: If, in the unlikely case, I am not feeling well on your event date, I will call to cancel (If I have to cancel, I will reschedule with you or provide a full refund). Please let your party attendees know, ahead of time, that they should also stay home if they’re not feeling well. I will take my temperature that day and I ask you and your attendees to do the same.

  • No sharing: While I’m normally a huge proponent of sharing, I highly encourage all of your attendees to bring their own snacks, towels, and water bottles.

  • Masks / Hand sanitizer: Masks/hand sanitizer are highly encouraged, but not required.

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